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Tags Application Instructions

Our tags consist of a microchip and an antenna inlay that are printed on a ZealSeal™-branded label that you will apply to your products. The antenna inlay is intentionally made to be fragile to minimize the chance of the tag being reused by counterfeiters for malicious purposes. Once a tag is applied to your product’s surface and is let to cure for several minutes to an hour, it will be virtually impossible to remove the tag without breaking a layer of its antenna and making it unusable. Due to the above, the tags need to be handled with extreme care during the process of application to your products. Please read and follow the below instructions carefully to avoid malfunctions caused by incorrect application.


  1. Gently remove the tag from its strip, without touching its sticky part.

  2. Make sure the surface you are about to apply he tag on is dry and clean of any debris.

  3. Visually align the tag with the product you are about to apply it on and press firmly against the surface for a few seconds.

  4. The tag should now be securely attached to your product.


  • Do not attempt to remove and/or reapply a tag that has already been applied to any surface other than its original strip. This will damage the tag and will make it unusable.

  • Do not expose the tags to extreme temperatures, above 150 or below -10 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • If you are using a mechanical or automatic label dispenser to apply the tags

    1. Make sure no pressure is applied to the tags by any part of the appliance and that the tags are not being bent in any way.

    2. Make sure that the sticky surface of the tags does not adhere to any part of the dispenser.

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